Introduction to One Agent


As the digital landscape evolves, every forward-thinking business is integrating a private ChatGPT. Stay ahead with OneAgent – your stakeholders are already expecting it.

  • Personalized Understanding: From single pages to intricate systems, OneAgent learns from your content, ensuring responses that resonate with your enterprise's identity.
  • Trust & Accuracy: Reliable, factual answers every time. Built-in fact-checking with references to your source documents. Off-topic? Tactfully declined. No more "last training data" issues.
  • Duplicate Search Mitigation: trust in our AI's responses reduces the need to re-query Google for answers.
  • Top-Tier Privacy: ISO 9002 & SOC2 compliance, private cloud hosting, and proprietary language models keep your data secure and within reach, without third-party interventions.
  • Plug & Play: Connect your content, and OneAgent is up and running. With domain-specific expertise and multi-language support, interactions feel natural, like a quick chat.
  • Scalable by Design: From full API access to managing multiple AI agents, OneAgent grows with your needs. Save on prompt engineering, and let the AI continually refine its skills.
  • Personalized Service: Ensure each user gets responses based solely on the information they're permitted to access.
  • Your Brand, Amplified: Keep interactions uniquely yours with the option to remove One AI branding.
  • AI-powered analytics: Understand user interactions, emotions, and intentions to consistently elevate the user experience.

What’s Next

In order to implement your Agent, choose one of two ways: