Error Payload Structure

  "message":"Input does not match specified content type",
  "details":"Content-Type application/json does not match input of type conversation",

When the API returns an error, it returns a payload that describes it

status_codeA numerical code (not an HTTP status code)
messageA message describing the general error
detailsA more detailed explanation
request_idUse this when you contact support with this error to uniquely identify it

Errors List

Client errors

status_codeHTTP statusmessage
40001400Language not supported
40002400The input text is empty
40003400Invalid input type for skill
40004400Failed to parse the conversation
40005400Input type not supported
40006400No channels in the audio file
40007400HTML input requires an HTML-to-text preprocessing skill
40008400Failed to parse input
40009400Input does not match the specified content type
40010400VTT conversation parsing failed
40011400Voice input requires transcibe skill
40012400Failed to transcribe audio

API Key errors

status_codeHTTP statusmessage
60001401Missing API key header
60002401API key not found
60003403Daily API key quota exceeded
60004403The monthly API key quota exceeded
60005403Daily organization quota exceeded
60006403The monthly organization quota exceeded
60007403The API key is expired
60008403Skill not allowed
60009429Exceeded the allowed number of concurrent connections
60010403Organization suspended
60011403Transcription quota exceeded

Server errors

status_codeHTTP statusmessage
50000500Server error
50001500Failed to retrieve URL
50002503The service is temporarily overloaded
50003500Failed to connect to the API endpoint
50004500Health check failed
50005500Analytics cluster request error